timeless. romatic. real.

why film

I shoot film - not film as in a video film. I shoot medium format and 35 mm camera film. I shoot it simply because it is timeless, elegant, classic. The beauty of film allows me to slow down and capture the moment as it is. In short film makes me a better photographer. I can be more artistic when I shoot film. I transition seamlessly between film & digital so my clients benefit from both formats. My favorite photos from a gallery are always the film photos. It also allows me to deliver your photos much faster than I ever could digitally. I would be considered a hybrid photographer because I shoot both film & digital.

my approach

Each love story is different and provides me with the opportunity to document what is unique about your story. I love being able to chase the light with my couples. I always guide you through your shoot or wedding day and enjoy photographing your genuine reactions to how I "pose" you. I want you to be able to look back on your photos and remember the time we shot together and let those photos evoke memories from our day. That way one day your grandchildren grandchildren can be reminded of your love. and you can look back and relive those moments and the genuine smiles you enjoyed that day.

my philosophy

I accept only a handful of bookings each year so that I can give the proper care and time to every one of the couples I have the privilege of working with. I am entrusted with the opportunity to tell your story through the art I create for you. I want you to see your photos and feel as gorgeous as you are. I will give you photos that should be on the cover of a magazine. I will give you photos you will frame and put on your nightstand. I will give you photos that you will be reminded of the love you felt when you see your smile in them. I am your photographer, your curator, your love story teller. And it is my absolute honor.

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