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An engagement shoot is the beginning of your love story. An engagement shoot allows you to see yourself in front of my lens and gives us the opportunity to chase light together. I always tell my clients to book their engagement session and plan to do nothing but enjoy their finances company before & after the shoot. Book a weekend away at the coast and I'll meet up with you for just a brief moment to capture a glimpse into the time you invested into your relationship. Take the day off work, make breakfast together, just the two of you. Help each other get ready and get all dressed up, play your favorite music, tell them about the moment you fell in love with them on the way to the shoot and lets find a classy place to take photos. Or stay at home, I'll meet you where you feel comfortable, I'll photograph you laughing on your kitchen floor, or dancing slowly in your living room. Go out to dinner, make dinner at home. Date each other. And I'll insert my camera to capture a fleeting memory from the day.