Hi, I am monica jane.

I am the lady behind the lens bringing your love stories to light. Simply put, I love love! The art of being in love and capturing that to be able to look back on for a lifetime is something I am humbled, honored & grateful to say the least, to be able to do and call my profession. I am always full of energy to create art from your love story for you and for your generations to come.

I have always had a camera in my hand. I used to spend my allowance on developing the film I would shoot as an adolescent instead of spending it on makeup ( don't worry I make up for that now - no pun intended ). I am so thankful I did though because I now can share with my daughter those photos and she can relate to me because she can see for herself that mom was just like her. I love sitting down with her and telling her the stories behind each photo. So I guess you could say I was always a photographer. But in 2012 when I heard a close friend of mine was getting married and wasn't going to hire a professional photographer I offered myself and figured hey it can't be that hard. Boy was I wrong, but I was hooked. Since then through tears, laughs, education and more tears I have refined my art and continue to refine it each and every day. I will never stop learning. And will continue to create classic & timeless imagery through your love stories.

behind the scenes

with Monica of Jane & Co. Photography on your big day.